My “HEAD-START” plan will assist you to get started fast!   Hand carved carousel horses and animals interest and thrill families, friends, fellow carvers, and show and display well.  Your carving will probably turn into a family heirloom.    Since carving a carousel figure is quite a task for the wood carver, How It’s Done will be useful to beginning carousel carvers as well as those who’ve previously carved carousel figures.

The use of one of my Enhanced Cut-Outs (E.C.O.), or Rough-Outs (R.O.), or perhaps a Fully Carved (F.C.) animal is the secret.   Taken a step at a time, the process is not very complicated.   You decide the style, size of one of the classic animals shown in the Carousel Catalog.   I will prepare for you your E.C.O. or R.O. pattern and animal, which will save you a tremendous amount of time in the “grunt” stages.  I also offer support coaching as you undertake the final carving of your carousel figure.

By special arrangement perhaps we could even spend some time together in my shop actually working on your animal and reviewing the methods of creating carousel figures.   This will need to be included in the initial order.

Note that  you can see my ads run regularly in Carousel and Mechanical News magazine.   I occasionally publish an article on carousel carving in that magazine.

Drop me an e-mail at babbwoodcarving@aol.com or give me a phone call
at 317-780-9476.  Let’s get you started on carving that dream carousel animal!

Work through the tabs above to read about the “Head Start” for carving your outstanding dream carousel figure Let’s get the process started!

Last Update: June 15, 2019